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Fostering felines save lives

The Forgotten Felines Foster Program provides temporary housing and care for kittens and cats who aren’t quite ready for adoption. We need loving homes like yours to continue helping save the lives of kittens and cats trying to survive in the wild without anywhere else to call home. The more foster homes we have, the more homeless felines we can save.

a Foster

A rewarding experience

  • Bottle babies

  • Weaned kittens 5-12 weeks old

  • Mothers with nursing kittens

  • Tame adults

  • Forever Fosters (cats that have a medical issue where we provide the necessary medical care)

We provide training and all the basic supplies you will need including food, medications, litter, toys and carriers. You provide the love and care. Fostering requires a flexible schedule and a personal commitment to the kittens or cats in your care.


When volunteering in our foster program, we guarantee an extremely rewarding, life enriching experience. Your participation will help to save the lives of cats and kittens trying to survive in the wild without anywhere to call home.

Types of
Foster Care

The most important factor to consider before deciding to become a Foster Parent is whether or not you have the time for these special creatures who will rely on you for food, love, and socialization. You should expect to foster a cat/kitten for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on their age, temperament, health, and the availability of space in our adoption program.

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Bottle Babies

Housing, food, eliminations, baths, weaning, litter needs, socialization, medicines, general care. 

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Weaned Kittens

Tame vs Untame, cage & room setup, water & food, litter needs, bedding, socialization, symptom of illness, fleas, general care.

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Mama + Babies

Cage setup, water & food, weaning kittens, litter needs, bedding, general care.

Yellow Food Bowl

Tame Adults

Interim home care for tame adult cats who are in between permanent homes.

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Special Needs Forever Fosters 

A forever home and/or palliative care to cats with age, health, or temperament issues.

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