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WATCH: Save the Cats, and the Birds

Announcing the 2014 Summer Adoptions for Grownups! Grownup kitties, that is. We are offering a special reduced adoption fee for any cat over the age of 8 years. Only $45.00! We know how enticing those prancing, pouncing, purring kittens can be - but is that what you want in your household? Remember, kittens are extremely active, and need lots of attention. Perhaps your lifestyle would work best for an older guy or gal. We have some super-special older cats, not necessarily seniors, who really need that special home. They've been patiently waiting for a long time, watching the cute little babies get adopted and go out the door. Consider opening your heart - and home - to a cat who is calm, gentle, and can do just fine while you are at work all day. Less craziness, more cuddling! Come visit Ben and Twinkle at our adoption room in the Rohnert Park Shelter, or Emma, Princess, Baby, or Richard at Pick of the Litter, our thrift store in Santa Rosa! (If none of these cats are the right cat for you, we have more adults in foster care, including a shy 4-year-old longhaired female Siamese named Shasta. Let us know what you are looking for.) You won't be disappointed, and your love will be returned tenfold!

Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinic Calendar

The 49 Faces
On Friday, July 19th, Forgotten Felines pulled 48 cats from the feral cat room at our local shelter. There were a total of 50 cats in the room, but two of them had not completed their stray time so couldn't be released into our care that day. Read about it and them here...

Full 2011 Clinic Stats

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I Found a Litter of Kittens
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