Steps to trapping and altering unowned cats

1. Read Humane Trapping Guidelines

* Never leave trap unattended
* Cover trap immediately with dark cover once cat is trapped
* Keep in safe, dry, warm/cool place until transporting to spay/neuter clinic

2. Rent a trap or borrow one from us free of charge. In lieu of a deposit, we will need a credit card or debit card. You will not be charged unless trap is damaged or not returned.

3. Gather trapping supplies – Trap, Food, Newspaper, Dark Cloth, Binoculars and a Flashlight.

4. Prepare Supplies to take to Spay/Neuter Clinic

* Mark ALL personal equipment with your last name using masking tape or marker – This includes trap, towels, etc. We want to get everything that belongs to you BACK to you. Do not markup Forgotten Felines equipment.
* Your cat will be returned to you IN the same trap.

5. Call 576-7999 and leave a message with the number of cats you have actually trapped and the full name the appointment is under. You may call at ANY time up to 7:00am the day of the Spay/Neuter Clinic.

6. Place trapped, covered cat in the SAFE, WARM/COOL holding spot already prepared

7. Transfer covered cat to Spay/Neuter Clinic the next morning

8. Drop off time is between 7:30am and 8:30am day of clinic

9. Pick up is the same day between 2pm-4pm. We will call you when your cat(s) is ready to be collected.

Important Reminders

Please keep cat covered from the time it is trapped until the time it is released! Please do not transport in an open air vehicle.

Make a difference


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