Lost Cat?

We are not a shelter. We are not a rescue. We are a TNR (trap-neuter-return) spay/neuter organization.

If you have lost your cat:

  1. TALK to your neighbors. Ask them to look in their garage, crawl space, shed or carport. If your cat wandered in, they could have become locked inside. Cats generally do not stray more than 2-3 blocks from their home.
  2. CREATE a flyer and distribute within a 2-3 block radius from your home.
  3. WALK around your neighborhood around dusk with a plastic container of kitty treats. Shake the container to make noise and call the cat’s name. It may be scared and hiding under a bush or structure. Hearing you call its name will help coax him/her from its hiding spot. Do this several nights in a row, repetition is important here.
  4. CHECK with your local shelters on their “found” website and other local “stray animal” listings on social media. Local Animal Services list here.
  5. POST Online at PawBoost, 24Petconnect, Lostmykitty, Nextdoor, Instagram, Facebook.
  6. NOTIFY your local pet groups in Sonoma County on Facebook and check with the local Veterinarians and Animal Hospitals.
  7. ENCOURAGE easy access for your feline to return by leaving a window, cat flap, or back door ajar overnight.
  8. PLACE its favorite blanket, pillow or an article of clothing with its and/or your scent near the open door/window. Cats have an incredibly large radius for smell. DO NOT put its litter box outside, this will encourage territorial issues with other cats or large predators based on the urine scent.
  9. KEEP checking the shelter lists frequently. Do not give up hope!
  10. REPEAT Step #3 every night until he/she returns.
  11. MICROCHIP your cat. This allows any community member who may find your cat to take it to a vet/shelter/rescue to have it scanned for a microchip. This will expedite the cat’s reunification with you.

Make a difference


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