Kitten hazards

Being aware of the following hazards could save your kittens life. Be sure to “kitten proof” any room or portion of the home that the kittens will have access.

Bright Light – Kittens should not be exposed to bright light during the first few weeks of it’s life.

Heating Pads – If you are using a heating pad, keep it on the lowest setting and leave a space where the kittens can crawl off the heating pad if they become too warm.

Adult Cats – Adult cats, especially males can sometimes become jealous and rough with kittens.

Puppies & Dogs – Never allow a dog or puppy alone with kittens unsupervised. Always keep a leash on a dog when meeting a kitten for the first time. It only takes seconds for a dog to grab and kill a kitten.

Underfoot – Kittens love to get under your feet. Watch where you are stepping and be aware of the location of your kittens at all times.

Plastic Bags – Fun to play in, but a kitten or cat can suffocate if it gets stuck.

Clumping Litter – Kittens can get this in their eyes, mouth, up their nose or ingest it causing serious damage. Clay litter should be used until kitten is 4 or 5 months old.

Poisons & Medications (Pills) – Keep out of reach

Washer, Dryer, Freezer, Refrigerator, Ice Chest, Cooler – Look before closing. Count noses often to be sure nobody is missing. Kittens and cats love to hide in cozy places.

Closets, Open Drawers and Cupboards – Remember about cats and curiosity!

Narrow spaces, behind appliances – Seal up nooks and crannies where kittens may enter and become trapped.

Sliding glass doors – Close cautiously as heavy glass doors can fatally injure cats.

Bathtubs – If full, kittens can drown. If empty, they can’t crawl out.

Open Toilet Seats – Keep seats down as kittens will drown if they fall in and can’t get out.

Choking Dangers – Marbles, rubber bands, beads, small items that kittens might put in mouth.

Plants – Many plants are deadly if eaten by cats. Keep them out of reach.

Drapery Strings – Keep strings up and out of reach. Kittens can become tangled and choke themselves.

String, Thread, Tinsel, Easter Grass, Fringe – Any string like substance can be swallowed and cause obstruction in cats and kittens. If any of these are swallowed, do not attempt to pull them out unless they come out easily. Take cat to vet immediately.

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