Fostering Special Needs Cats

What does “Forever Foster” mean?

A “Forever Foster” cat is a hard to adopt cat due to age, health condition, or temperament.

The Forever Foster caregiver will take the cat home and care for it for the duration of the cat’s life. They will provide food, shelter, and a loving supportive home environment either inside their home (tame cats) or in an outdoor enclosure (feral cats). Medical care, and decisions about the course of treatment (or non-treatment), will be provided by FFSC. In the event of a medical concern, the Forever Foster Caregiver will contact FFSC and the cat will be seen by a qualified FFSC Staff member and/or an FFSC Veterinarian who will determine the best course of action. FFSC will be financially responsible for all medical treatment and procedures. All other “Foster Program” policies will pertain unless the “Forever Foster” family chooses to adopt the cat.

What is “Fospice?”

Fospice – foster-hospice is similar to Forever Foster, except the foster parent is providing comfort/palliative care. That means, due to serious health conditions (renal failure, heart disease, cancer), we do not expect them to live for a lot longer. We do not plan to go to any extremes to prolong their lives, but want to make what is left of their time as comfortable as possible.

If you are interested in becoming a Forever Foster, please contact our Foster Coordinator, Neely, at (707) 576-7999 x 212 or neely@forgottenfelines.com. 

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