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Santa Rosa, CA

Lili Belle

Lili Belle is a super sweet and smart blind kitten. She will need to be adopted by people that are very aware of her condition and want a loving, smart blind kitten in their household.
She is a smart, spunky, fluffy beautiful kitten.
She loves people once she knows you. She feels safe under or near your feet. She will bring her toys right over by your feet to play, whether you are sitting, standing, cooking, etc. Step lightly.
She loves her crinkly toys and loves cloth baskets and will get in them and also take her toys into them. She gets along with other cats and backs off if they chose not to play with her.
She can climb on cat trees and beds, etc and generally will go no higher than she feels she can get down but she will cry for help to get down too.
Lili Belle will check out the unknown with her paw and loud noises can startle her.
She loves to be petted but best to approach from behind her head slowly. She loves to greet her people to get her loves and pets.
Lili Belle may be ok with older pet savvy children.
She is looking for her loving forever special home.