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At Forgotten Felines, volunteers are an integral part of our organization. In fact, without them, we could not provide the cats and the community with the level of service and care that people have come to expect from us. There are many ways to participate in our organization and we're sure that we can find one to fit your purr-sonality and schedule.

Volunteer positions in our administration and office are described here.

Public Relations Outreach Coordinator

Being visible in the community is a way for us to increase awareness of our mission, increase our donor and supporter base and educate the public about the animal services available to them in our community. We're looking for a coordinator to set up outreach locations (ie. Shopping centers, special events, etc.) and a core group of volunteers to staff these tables.

Craigslist Contact Volunteer

Want a job from home? Are you a Craig's list regular? Keep FFSC in the forefront by being our Craig's List contact by advertising upcoming events, spay/neuter clinics, mobile adoptions and special adoptees.

Other Opportunities

  1. Distribute Newsletters
  2. Procure Wish List Items
  3. Provide Administrative Support
  4. Represent FFSC at Special Events
  5. Solicit Advertising Donations
  6. Take Photographs
  7. Write/Research Grants

Additional information about these positions will be provided during volunteer orientation

For additional information, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator by phone 707-576-7999 or by email

Join Forgotten Felines. We make a difference one cat at a time.

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