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Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption

All cats and kittens placed by FFSC have been tested for Feline Leukemia, vaccinated, neutered, wormed, given a thorough health exam and microchipped. Our Adoption Program prides itself on a strict protocol to ensure safe, loving, lifelong homes for our cats.

Special Needs and Fospice Program
For very special cat lovers only. Special needs kitties require specific homes and special accommodations. Our fospice program allows people to adopt an older cat, or a cat with health problems, with Forgotten Felines providing medical care as needed.

Special Needs and Fospice Kitties
Please contact us if you would like to meet one of our special needs kitties or fospice kitties. (707) 576-7999, or contact Shannon at ffshannon@sonic.net.

Foster Adoption Program
Our Foster Adoption Program is limited to adoptable cats and kittens from feral cat colonies. We make every attempt to remove young colony cats and tame adult cats from colony sites. The number of cats we remove depends on available space in our foster homes as well as adoption opportunities. For an insight into what it's like to adopt a reformed feral cat, see our article by Pamela Gray.

Unless otherwise noted, these cats are available for adoption at our Rohnert Park Adoption Facility (directions)
Our hours are as follows:
CLOSED Monday and Tuesday, OPEN Wednesday 1pm - 6:30pm, Thursday - Saturday 1pm - 5:00pm, Sunday 1pm - 4:30pm
or Pick of the Litter Santa Rosa (1701A Piner Road)
Monday through Saturday 9:30 - 5:00, Sunday 11:00 - 5:00


DSH Gray and White Tabby
Spayed Female
Born 4/1/09


DSH Gray Tabby w/White
Neutered Male
Born 9/11/14


DSH Brown Tabby
Spayed Female
Born 9/11/14


DSH Calico - Polydactyl
Spayed Female
Born 6/3/04


DSH Tortie
Spayed Female
Born 3/17/10


DSH Brown Tabby
Spayed Female
Born 2008


DLH Gray Tabby
Spayed Female
Born 1/1/06


DSH Dilute Tortie
Spayed Female
Born 8/9/06


DLH Brown Tabby & White
Spayed Female
Born 5/29/03

Cats & Kittens currently in foster care available for adoption.
If you would like to meet one of them, please call Forgotten Felines at (707) 576-7999.

Ringo & Pearl

DSH Gray, DSH Black
Neutered Male, Spayed Female
Born 4/23/10
DSH Orange Tabby
Neutered Male
Born 1/1/09

View cats who have been adopted (photos!).

Information about other local animal adoption agencies.

DIRECTIONS: Our Rohnert Park Adoption Facility is inside the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter at 301 J. Rogers Lane. From US 101, J. Rogers Lane is directly off Redwood Drive which runs parallel to 101 on the west side, between Rohnert Park Expressway and Wilfred Avenue exits. Follow J. Rogers Lane to the very end and you'll end up at the shelter.

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