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Frequently Asked Questions About Adam

Why did we opt to treat Adam rather than euthanize him?
Although many people are unaware of this, nearly once a week Forgotten Felines is put in a position of making a life and death decision about a cat or kitten.

Founded in 1990, we are one of the original feral cat rescue groups IN THIS COUNTRY. We consider ourselves to be cat experts, specifically feral cat experts. Throughout the years we have surrounded ourselves with veterinary professionals who we consider to be our partners. They are aware of our mission and for the most part are in line with our goals and intentions. We rely on their expertise to assess the medical needs and concerns of each INDIVIDUAL cat that is presented before them for evaluation. WE assess the quality of life, practical aspects of care, availability of resources AND the individual cat. Although we had no idea as to the long term care that is now evident in Adam's case, at the time, we saw no reason to euthanize and quite frankly, the word "euthanasia" never came up. Our veterinarians were willing to provide the care, we had the means to keep him comfortable and he showed NO signs of giving up. Remember Adam received only minimal treatment post event, but was still eating and drinking 24 hours later when he was brought to us by Sarah - This is a miracle in itself.

Even now, looking back, knowing all that we know, we would not have opted for euthanization. From the very beginning Adam was surrounded by people who loved him, witnessed his fighting spirit and BELIEVED that he would pull through.

We feel confident and secure in our decision to stay the course and we think Adam is glad too.

Our position on the trapper.
The gentleman who trapped these cats is not the guilty party in this crime. He has been trapping cats and utilizing the Forgotten Felines low cost spay/neuter clinics for well over a year now. This man, neither a Forgotten Felines volunteer or employee was trapping cats at his brother's home in an effort to reduce the feral cat population. His efforts were completely in line with our mission. The mistake he made was not ensuring the safety of the cats while holding them overnight. We intend to continue to work with the person, but will GUARANTEE that future cats/kittens trapped will be kept safe. His experience will serve as an example to other trappers out there of what can happen if the protocol that we subscribe to and request for participation in our clinics is not followed.

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