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What Happened to Adam

June 26, 2007

Dear Friends, Volunteers & Forgotten Felines Supporters:
I know that many of you have read the article in the Press Democrat and are aware of "Adam" the kitten now in our care who was set on fire last week. Since there are a lot of unsubstantiated reports and rumors floating around out there, I wanted to give you an update and a more accurate report of what actually occurred.

There is a gentleman who for some time has been trapping and altering the feral cats on his brother's farm in rural Santa Rosa. He is being paid by a private animal advocate whose aim is to reduce the number of feral cats living and being born there. This man has been utilizing the Forgotten Felines spay neuter clinics to get these cats fixed. He is NOT a Forgotten Felines volunteer nor are WE paying him. (It was deduced by a few folks who read the article that he is either employed or an FFSC volunteer - this is NOT the case.) OUR first rule in trapping is to NEVER leave a trap unattended - empty or occupied, a set trap should NEVER be left alone.

This gentleman set three traps on Tuesday evening 6/19/07 in preparation for the spay/neuter clinic which occurred on Wednesday 6/20/07. On Wednesday morning the man arrived at our clinic saying that when he came out of his apartment that morning two out of the three traps had been stolen. (One trap had four kittens inside, the other had two kittens.) The third trap which was left untouched had an adult male cat inside and was brought to our clinic that day and neutered.

On Thursday, 6/21/07 late afternoon Forgotten Felines received a phone call from a resident in the same complex saying that she had been given a kitten that had been set on fire. She wasn't certain she could properly care for the kitten and was calling FFSC for assistance. Forgotten Felines had helped this person one year prior to get 14 other cats fixed, so we had a pre-existing relationship with "Sara". When she was questioned about what happened, it came out that the cat had been set on fire in a trap. We put 2 and 2 together and realized that this was one of the kittens that had been snatched the night prior.

On Friday morning, 6/22/07 Sara brought the kitten to FFSC and we immediately got it to one of our vet partners, Animal Hospital of Cotati. A police report was filed with SRPD and they have conducted an investigation. Another report was filed with Sonoma County Animal Care & Control and they too have been investigating the incident. Initially a private FFSC donor had offered a $1000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the party or parties involved in this crime. Since that time, the reward has grown to $3000. We have also offered a $100 reward for the return of the 3rd missing trap so it isn't used again for further crimes of torture.

If you have any information about this incident, please contact
Sonoma County Animal Care & Control
You can make a donation to our 'Fluffy Fund', through this website to help other cats and kittens as needy as Adam. Click here to donate now. Kitten Adam, named by his original caretaker, Sara, has a "guarded" prognosis. He is getting round the clock care which includes wound dressings, intravenous fluids and pain medication. He is eating like a champ and responds to scratching and petting around his head. Forgotten Felines is using funds being donated and monies collected to our Fluffy Fund to pay for his care. (The Fluffy Fund is used exclusively for feral cats and kittens that we encounter who need medical care above and beyond spay/neuter.) Both Animal Hospital of Cotati and PetCare Emergency Hospital have and continue to offer Forgotten Felines reduced rates for the services they provide to our organization.
The question has been asked - "Why didn't you put him to sleep?" The answer is "Because he appears to have a will to live." If at some point in the future, he or his body appear to give up, so will we. Right now there are so many people sending positive energy and thoughts his way, I can't imagine that he won't survive.

On a side note: Sara, the woman who initially took Adam in (because she is the resident "cat lady") went throughout the Apple Valley neighborhood over the weekend and collected $120 toward Adam's care. This is the same neighborhood where this terrible incident occurred. She also spent the day today making and selling snow cones for $1 to neighborhood children and is posting Reward Flyers throughout the complex.

We appreciate your support in the way of healing thoughts for our special little kitten, Adam. I will keep you apprised of updates as they unfold.

Jennifer Kirchner
Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County
(707) 576-7999

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