Ten Steps to Trapping and Altering Your Feral Cats

  1. Read Humane Trapping Guidelines
  2. ♦Never leave trap unattended
    ♦Cover trap immediately with towel or sheet once cat is trapped
    ♦Keep in safe, dry, warm place until transporting to spay/neuter clinic

  3. Rent a trap - See Trap Rental Site Sheet
  4. Gather trapping supplies - Trap, Food, Newspaper, Sheet/Towel, Flashlight
  5. Prepare Supplies to take to Spay/Neuter Clinic

    ♦Mark ALL equipment with your last name using masking tape or marker - This includes trap, towels, etc. We want to get everything that belongs to you BACK to you.

    ♦Your cat will be returned to you IN the trap.

  6. Call 576-7999 and leave a message with the number of cats you have actually trapped. You may call at ANY time up to 7:00am the day of the Spay/Neuter Clinic.
  7. Place trapped, covered cat in the SAFE, WARM holding spot already prepared
  8. Transfer covered cat to Spay/Neuter Clinic the next morning
  9. Drop off time is between 7:30am and 8:30am
  10. Pick up covered cat and release the next morning. (Cat must be fully awake.)
  11. You will be given the time for pick up when you drop off your cat. (It is normally anywhere between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on same day.)

Important Reminders: Please keep cat covered from the time it is trapped until the time it is released!

It is cruel, inhumane and against the law to take an animal to an alternate location and abandon it. It is extremely important to continue to feed and water your released feral cat daily. Left untended, stray and feral cats only live an estimated 1-2 years compared to 8 - 10 years in a "managed" colony where they are altered, fed and watered daily. Those unfed and cared for more easily succumb to predators, humans, dogs, other cats, disease and cars. If feeding and watering your feral is NOT an option, Forgotten Felines strongly recommends that your trapped cat be taken to a shelter where it will be HUMANELY euthanized, rather than have it live a life of malnutrition and foraging to stay alive.

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