Taming Reverted Feral Cats

Taming Feral Cats and Kittens

Reverted Feral Cat Socialization

A reverted domestic is the easiest cat to socialize (provided it has relatively positive experiences with humans and has not been abandoned to the streets for too many years.)

Once again, the same techniques that you use in socializing a feral/semi-feral cat can initially be used to help a reverted-feral return to a domesticated state.

  1. Display non-aggressive body language
  2. Move and speak slowly
  3. Offer tasty treats
  4. Allow the cat to direct your rate of progress
  5. Be willing to change your socialization goals

Additional Socialization Tips

A radio played low on an easy listening station will help the cat become familiar with human voices - both male and female.

A television with the sound turned low will accustom the cat to the sights and sounds of this box that is usually found in any home a cat could be placed in.

  1. Total Ferals
  2. Semi Ferals
  3. Reverted Ferals
  4. Foster Kittens

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