Low Cost Spay/Neuter for Feral (Wild) Cats

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Low Cost Spay/Neuter for Tame Cats for low income individuals

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Please call us for clinic space availability for your tame cat: (707) 576-7999.

Call (707) 576-7999 for an appointment. Our clinics fill up rapidly. Call NOW. Breeding Season is upon us!!

LPMK - Let's Prevent More Kittens!

Tame Cat information

Does your tame, pet cat need to be fixed? Here are some options available to Sonoma County residents:

Voucher programs for low cost spay/neuter at participating veterinarians for low-income residents:

  1. Sonoma County & City of Santa Rosa Residents - contact Sonoma County Animal Care & Control at (707) 565-7100, or go to www.theanimalshelter.org.
  2. Sebastopol and West County Residents - Call Kitty Committee for spay/neuter vouchers at (707) 823-9061.

Sonoma Valley Residents - contact Pets Lifeline at (707) 996-4577.

Low cost spay/neuter clinics for specific areas:

  1. Petaluma City Limits and unincorporated Petaluma County Residents - Petaluma Animal Shelter sponsors one clinic per month for pet, stray, or feral cats. Please call the Petaluma Spay/Neuter Hotline at (707) 776-3724.
  2. Rohnert Park and Cotati Residents - Rohnert Park Animal Shelter sponsors periodic clinics for tame cats. Please call the Rohnert Park Spay/Neuter Hotline at (707) 588-3531.

Lower cost spay/neuter through local veterinarians (no low-income requirement):

  1. Larkfield Veterinary Hospital, 448 Larkfield Shopping Center, Santa Rosa (707) 578-1228.
  2. La Plaza Veterinary Clinic, 60 West Cotati Avenue, Cotati (707) 794-1299.
  3. Sonoma County Humane Society, 5345 Highway 12 West, Santa Rosa (707) 542-0882.
  4. Sonoma County Humane Society’s Low cost, Spay Neuter Clinic (707) 284-3499.

Do you have a tame, stray cat in your neighborhood that needs to be fixed?

Call Forgotten Felines for information on our tame stray cat spay/neuter clinics (707) 576-7999. On a limited basis, Forgotten Felines provides low-cost spay/neuter for the cats of low-income residents of Sonoma County. Call us for more information: (707) 576-7999.

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