The purpose of the Forgotten Felines Foster Program is to give adoptable cats and kittens a safe secure environment in which to thrive prior to entering our adoption program. We foster out both tame and wild kittens and cats. Each foster parent will be set up with the type of cat/kitten that most fits his or her level of experience and time availability.

Types of Foster Care

  1. Bottle Babies - This requires much time and patience
  2. Kitten eating on their own - This requires the ability feed on a regular schedule
  3. Mom's and their Babies - This requires less structured time than the other two types

The most important factor to consider before deciding to become a Foster Parent is whether or not you have the time for these special creatures who will rely on you for food, love and socialization. You should expect to foster a cat/kitten for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on their age, temperament, health and the availability of space in our adoption program.

Thank you for your interest in the Forgotten Felines Foster Program. Should you decide to join us, we guarantee an extremely rewarding, life enriching experience. Your participation will help to save the lives of cats and kittens trying to survive in the wild without anywhere to call home.

To apply to become a FFSC Foster Parent, or for more information on the Foster Program, please email the Volunteer Co-ordinator or phone 576-7999 Ext. 2#.

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