Fluffy Fund Program Description

found litter of kittens

The Forgotten Felines “Fluffy Fund” allows us to provide surgical procedures and specialized medical care (over and above our standard medical care) for cats in our adoption program or in feral cat colonies.

Some of the surgeries/treatments we have been able to provide for our cats because of this fund are:

  1. Entropion Surgeries
  2. Amputations – Pinna, limbs, tail
  3. Eye Enucleations
  4. Acupuncture & Bioresonance Treatments
  5. Specialized Blood Tests
  6. Dental Work

As a general rule, we do not use these funds to treat owned cats. For people with medical needs for their own cats, we refer them to low cost veterinarians who are capable of providing the necessary services.

found litter of kittens

Why don’t we?

  1. We do not have a veterinarian on site daily.
  2. We do not have the necessary diagnostic equipment on site .
  3. We receive hundreds of calls per year from folks requesting our assistance with their vet bills. Our resources are limited.
  4. The vets that give us excellent care/services at reduced fees at their own practice are providing us with this service as a way of furthering our mission. When we take a cat to them and ask them to provide a service, it is understood that WE are the client and would be a misrepresentation of our relationship with them for us to ask them to treat a cat that indeed belongs to another person. (Over and above spay/neuter which is our arrangement with our vets.)

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