When Colony Maintenance Is Not An Option

If maintaining a colony is not an option, for whatever reason, you have two choices.

"Relocate" the colony
Find the cats a new location to live - preferably in a rural setting where shelter is provided and again, someone is available to act as caretaker.

Forgotten Felines can provide you with information on How to Relocate a Feral Cat Colony. Email us now.

Trap and remove
The cats would be taken to the animal shelter that serves your area. Here they would be humanely euthanized. Rather than have them starve, or continue to breed, this IS the most humane course of action.

Keep in mind that removing the current cats may only open the territory to new cats and the process begins all over again. Spaying/neutering and feeding is the BEST way to control a feral cat colony.

Forgotten Felines provides a list of the shelters that serve Sonoma County.

Ignoring the colony and thinking that "they'll find food somewhere" or "someone else will fix the problem" is the easy way out.

We applaud your compassion and courage to do the RIGHT thing.

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