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Tammy - DMH Tortie, Spayed Female, Born 8/19/02

Special Adoption! Don’t let Tammy’s age fool you! She’s got energy, she’s got Tortitude, and she needs a home with cat-experienced people (no children). She can co-exist with other cats if she absolutely has to, and if they leave her alone. She does not want a cat friend, however. Tammy currently lives at the Forgotten Felines office. She is affectionate but feisty. She does not like to be picked up, and can get swatty/hissy when she doesn’t get her way. On the other hand, she is stunningly beautiful, and we all adore her – in spite of, or maybe because of, her personality! Tammy needs a very cat-savvy owner, ideally with experience with this type of cat.

Tammy is available for adoption now. Please contact us a 707-576-7999 to arrange a meeting.

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