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Micah - DSH White w/Tabby Markings, Neutered Male, Born 4/1/2007

Micah is a fabulous fella! He looks like a tough tomcat but he is in a fact a love. He is very easy going and loves to curl up in a nice warm lap. While he tolerates other cats, and has become friends with Greyson, our young cat with CH, he does not always seek out feline friends.

Micah was found by a Forgotten Felines trapper when she was working on TNRing a colony, and she brought him to us. He was in rough shape, filthy and sick with upper respiratory infection, and he had a badly infected mouth. He has since had a dental, his mouth cleaned up, all bad teeth removed, and his health has improved. Micah is FIV positive, but do not hold that against him. He is strong and healthy these days.

Micah is currently in foster care with Greyson while he recovers from his dental surgery, but if you are interested in this sweet boy, give us a call and we can arrange a meet and greet.

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