Hi Julie,

Serena is doing great! She has completely captured our hearts and has made a great addition to the family. She is the 3rd kitty. Our oldest cat is aloof and loves my daughter. Our 2nd cat LOVES that there is another kitty to pal around with. She is also very people friendly, and spends a lot of time with us. She will come when called!

We chose to keep her name, deciding that the information that the foster family provided was so compelling that we couldn't change it. (It is a funny thing since my daughters name is Sabrina).

She is eating well, and even trying to eat the older cats food. We tried separating them, but seem happy to eat together. No issues with territory. We did keep them separate when feeding for a good week before starting this, that helped.

She is not only using the scratching post we purchased for her (see picture) but she is also using the big post for the other cats, climbing up it like she is a monkey! She likes the laser pointer that was sent home, but seems to love anything that rolls on the floor even more.

The litter box is fine, she is always going to need a little extra help due to her only having 3 legs, we are fine with it. Working on ways to help reduce the tracking of litter since she leaves it on her bum. She so good natured, she doesn't get mad when you pick her up and gently wipe the excess litter.

We have spoken to the vet to let them know serena is now in our care. (we have the same vet). They agreed that they did not need to see her at this time.

She is growing and is a lovely cat. Who ever raised her did a great job, she loves being held, she is not afraid and can be a little mischievous (as warned in the letter home)

pictures attached, the one on the scratching post was taken yesterday. The one is with my daughter Sabrina. Feel free to share with the foster family, etc.

Thank you so much for following up.

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