Sahara (yes, that's still her name) is doing very well! She is very much enjoying her new space! She is quite a different kitty from the one I met at the shelter, but that is a good thing. She likes to talk to me and is very playful. She loves her fishy on a string. She is also a tail chaser- which is funny to watch! She's eating less than she was when she arrived, but she is maintaining her weight. I put her on Nutro Max Cat Lite so that she doesn't gain more weight and possibly lose those shelter pounds. Sahara is very well behaved and uses her box like a good kitty. She also enjoys her scratching 'post' (I got her one of the cardboard floor scratching things). She behaves well with the household 3 year old, but is nervous around her. She isn't really interested in leaving my room. The only time Sahara growls or hisses is around other cats. I think that is because she has her own space now and doesn't want any other furballs invading it. Enclosed is a couple of pictures of my good girl. I enjoy Sahara's company, and I'm glad to share my home with her. Thanks for the wonderful companion!

-Brittany and Sahara

P.S. I enjoy what FFSC does so much that I volunteer at the shelter on Saturday mornings!

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