Fifi & Ollie

Hi Julie,

Yes, I would love to get a copy of the newsletter. I'm also happy to report that I know of another recent adoption which was done after hearing of our wonderful experience. :-)

As far as how the "kids" are doing, they began their first Valentine's morning with lots of love and snuggles. They sleep in between mom and dad every night, and Ollie has a habit of coming up to our faces to see if it's time to get up which makes mom and dad just laugh. Fi's happy to snuggle in a spot up against our legs. Ollie is so big now that he can actually stretch up to door handle with no problem. Fifi is still smaller than her brother, so when she does a stretch, she misses the handle by a few inches. Ollie is truly a "momma's boy" and is never to far away from me. Fi, on the other hand, is happy to roam around the house and has a favorite windowsill where she can watch the front yard and street as well as soaking up the sun. We set up a table so that both of them can enjoy the view. They also love to help mom with the chores, whether they are following the sun reflection of my watch as I'm doing dishes, jumping in and out of the clothes hamper as I washing, and love chasing the broom when I sweep. In the morning, Fi loves to sit on my lap while I read the paper with Ollie lying right next to me, and can let me know when they want something by stepping on the pages or tearing at a piece of the paper. They also know that dinner time is when dad comes home from work, and they know the sound of dad's car door closing and will come running to greet dad. After dinner, they each have their cuddle time with dad. When the weather changed, I was worried about them getting too close to the fireplace insert, but they actually figured it out quickly and found spots of the carpet where they can have the warm air from the fan blow on them. They are both very good about having their nails trimmed and both of them love to be cuddled like a baby with their tummy's exposed for belly scratches. They will be a year old next month (March 29), and they both are going through another growing spurt right now. They still love their five story cat tower that overlooks the courtyard from our living room and will also reach out from the towers as we go by to say hello, ie, no claws, just paws. :-) To sum it up, I believe that they are very happy kids that love their family as much as their family loves them. They are truly our "babies," and we're so happy to have them.

All of our best to everyone at Forgotten Felines, and know that this brother and sister pair is doing well and thriving in a home where they both are the cat's meow!

Jayne S.

Mom to Fifi and Ollie

P.S. The first picture attached is Fifi enjoying a nap on the couch, and the second is Ollie enjoying a brush by Mom.

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