Milly & Paisley

Milly and Paisley are doing wonderfully, and I feel so blessed to be able to share my home with them. I have not re-named them because their names fit them so well.

They are both eating well and are using their scratchy pads (as beds as well as for scratching). They are both being fabulous about using their litter boxes. I know Miss Milly has a history of inappropriate urination, so I made a deal with her. As long as I keep both boxes fresh and clean, she keeps my carpet and bed clean. So far so good, but the carpet cleaner is handy just in case...

When they first came home, Milly was pretty bold about exploring, while Paisley was spooked by everything (no surprises there). Having Milly here has really helped Paisley adjust easier, and it only took her about a week to come out of her shell and become braver. She still hides under the bed every now and then if she gets startled, but comes right back out a couple of minutes later.

They are so joyful to have around. I work long hours on overnights and sleep during the day, so it's important to me that they have each other and that they are such good friends. They quickly discovered how comfy the bed is and I usually wake up to find them snuggled in next to me.

Milly loves her Paisley, and Paisley adores her big sister, especially when Milly is grooming her. They play together every day and have plenty of fun toys. Milly would love to 'play' with the 3 finches, but she can't quite reach them.

We just got back from a vet checkup this afternoon. Pending blood-work, they both passed with flying colors. Milly seemed unusually squinty so I started using some lubricating eye gel twice daily, and now she keeps her eyes wide open all the time. She has an appointment next week to see her new ophthalmologist (my former boss). Paisley had a mild amount of eye discharge for a couple of days, but it has since cleared up. I'm not surprised she had a Feline Herpes Virus flair-up given the stress of adjusting to a new home.

I have posted a pic of them on your FB site, but am including a few pics with this E-mail. I cannot tell you enough how much I love these ladies. Thank you for the opportunity to share my heart with them. Thank you for all you do for our our local kitties.

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