Mao is doing GREAT! He adapted to outdoor/indoor life in 3 days. He loves it here. He catches mice and shrews, but doesn’t eat them. We don’t care, as long as he kills them, leaving them on our doorstep!! Good kitty! He runs around and plays, running in and out of the house. He learned the rules of the house very quickly: no going in the kitchen, keep off the bed, and stay off the table. We don’t provide a litter box, but he has LOTS of outdoor space to use, and it has never been a problem. We bring him indoors at night, usually around 11 PM when my husband goes to bed, and then meows to go out about 6 AM. He comes when I call! Follows me everywhere when I’m home. Comes to greet me when I come home. Runs around like a kitten, though he has gotten at least 1/2 again as big as when I brought him home. He’s our entertainment, as he’s still playful and funny. He’s completely at home here. We went back east for a week over Thanksgiving, and had a neighbor come and feed him. The neighbor said it was the easiest babysitting job he ever had. When we drove in, I called Mao, there he was at the gate, happy to see us. No stress or trauma!! Tonight we had fish for supper, and gave him a nice raw chunk to chew on. Usually he gets crunchies for breakfast, then crunchies with 1/3 can of canned food for supper. He’s totally adapted to his diet. He’s very VERBAL, and sits and lets me know when it’s supper-time! I have a feeling that he can’t believe his luck in coming here. He can be a REAL CAT!! He pounces on real and imagined critters. There are no dogs or other cats here, so he’s king! We’re a mile from a paved road, so he’s in no danger of getting run over. He’s happy here, and we love him! A great cat! Please share this with Bill, as Bill was considering adopting him.

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