Drake (left- original name) has been a wonderful addition to our family. We have had him for a while and since then he has done very well with us. He is very smart, he knows how to open all the cabinet doors and knock on the door if he gets out, he knows when we need extra love too. Now he has a good home where he is the only man of the house, but such a sweet dear for all of us - my daughter and I. He is playful and cuddly, never scratches or bites, he still sucks his tail when pet, full of love to give and such a good big brother to the new kitten (right) whom has Percies disease. This picture was taken when I found them both sleeping on my bed - they woke up just when I took the picture. I am so glad to have him and I want to thank Forgotten Felines for all of the care they put into these cats. You have given us the greatest gift of all. Thank You. -Ivy Hunter

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