Dear Julie (and all at Forgotten Felines),

That tiny little black kitten named Marcelle is now approaching adolescence (read: lanky and opinionated) as Corvus (that's the scientific name for the raven family). He eats everything, including dog food despite our forbidding it. The most consistent fact of his existence is his fat little tummy which is fueling his rapid growth. Nose to tail he fits in my lap from crotch to mid-calf (!). He is very good about using the litter box and for the most part confines his scratching to approved objects.

We have 3 adult cats in the house. The oldest one has sternly instructed him not to mess with her, and he doesn't. The next oldest tolerates him and only whacks him when she is tired of him attacking her tail. The last cat--well, you have to know about the dog for that one.

Our 3 yo border collie has been delighted to have a flock of cats to herd ever since she arrived. It is not a popular vocation with the cats, however. Now the dog has a little buddy and they are inseparable. Pip grooms Corvus and plays with him constantly. Sometimes it looks like she will eat him neck first, and I will separate them for a moment. Within seconds, Corvus does his Ninja cat imitation, launching himself like a (very) armed flying squirrel at the dog's head, to the obvious enjoyment of both parties. Pip seems to think that Corvus is her puppy, and she has been instructing him on the finer points of the "border collie stare." The two of them gang up on the youngest adult cat and herd her all over the house. Sometimes I come across the two of them--BOTH of them in a half-crouch--in a stare-down with poor Sumi. Her retreat is to go high and avoid them. I haven't been able to get a picture of the "herding cat" stance and stare but will keep trying. In the meantime, please enjoy the attached.

I think Corvus will be more of a lap cat when the baby energy winds down. He is affectionate and funny and manic and my husband and I adore him. Thanks to everyone who worked to bring this little guy into our home and hearts. Please share this with the folks at Cotati Animal Hospital who at least get to see him on visits.

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