Hello Everyone,

Knowing how near and dear all the kittens/cats are to you all, I thought you might like an update on Windy (now named Coco). It's been two weeks since we adopted her and she's been a pure joy ever since. She has the most charming and adorable personality of any cat I've ever owned - - even early on when she woke me up at 1am to play! Two weeks later she's become a much better sleeper and waits to tackle me until after my alarm goes off. She purrs as loud as my husband snores so it's a good thing I wear ear plugs, except lately she tries to pull them out of my ears while I'm sleeping!

She spent week one upstairs in our master bedroom with lots of room and toys to play with. She absolutely LOVES batting around those catnip mice! Little by little we exposed her to the world downstairs and our other cat Niki - - who's personality is completely opposite Coco's - - and needless to say isn't quite happy about having another cat trespassing on her territory. As of this past weekend, Coco has run of house with Niki and is becoming more and more independent. Aside from a few hisses and growls from Niki, there hasn't been any aggression shown so we're hoping Niki will come around and learn to love Coco as her family does.

Coco is also very smart. My husband is amazed that I've taught her to play fetch. Actually, we call it "Go get it, and bring it back". She's good for about 7 rounds and then poops out, but she loves the praise she gets when she brings the toy back to my feet.

I took her to the vet and aside for a couple fleas she's in good health! Whoever fostered her did a great job because she is very loving and social. She became familiar with her litter box and scratching post right from the start. I was very grateful for that!

Thanks again to Forgotten Felines! I mentioned my experience to a (cat lover) friend who lives in the Piner area and told her to look into volunteering. Her season of work at Safari West just ended so the timing is perfect for her to find something else to do.

Doreen N.

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