Hi Julie.

Bubba is doing very well. He's almost all grown up now, and he's a large cat...getting heavy to lift! Although we loved Bubba from the start, it took him a while to adopt us and learn to preside over his kingdom as a cat should. But now that he's made himself at home, he seems very happy indeed! His favorite two-legged is whoever fills his food bowl (LOVES to eat). His favorite four-legged is Zack the Border Terrier (LOVES to play). Bubba spends most of his time playing with Zack, looking out the windows, and napping. He seems to think that he's a dog. He comes when you call him, plays fetch, and will do just about anything for a treat. Bubba loves to chew and eat things he shouldn't, just like a puppy. He also loves to stretch whenever you pick him up, full body stretches down to the tips of his claws. He used to be somewhat fearful, but now he enjoys petting and belly rubs, and he often curls up next to someone on the couch for petting. But he prefers to cuddle with Zack when Zack will let him. Bubba talks to us with sweet little meows, and he purrs like crazy whenever you touch him. He's a perfect addition to our family. We love Bubba!

Dianna M.

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