Baja Baby Andy


I just made a $100.00 donation to you as a thank you for the wonderful information available on your site. I live in a remote area of Baja, Mexico (originally from Mill Valley, CA). This past Thursday we adopted a feral kitty. His mama found a very nice home where she was fed while caring for her babies; however, the kittens were never socialized or even handled. The mama died post surgery (for altering). Although it was certainly time for the babies to be weaned, it was tragic and now terribly important that they find new homes.

I've never had a cat, and my husband is allergic. I've had many dogs and helped run 2nd Chance Rescue in Marin, but this is COMPLETELY new to me! So, I found your website and have been following your advice for nurturing. In addition to the steps you advise, I use a dish cloth with a mesh side to wash his face. Now he wants his entire body washed! He rolls over so I can do his tummy. In 4 days he's come a truly long way. Yesterday, he actually came to me when I coaxed him. I didn't have to go to him. He's incredibly smart, uses a litter box, playful, and is a total love. He'll live in the garage until he's comfortable with his surroundings. I don't want to scare him with 3 big dogs!

[Hope you like the photos of] Andy (originally Annie, but...)

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tina Leonard

P.S. My husband can't keep his hands off him. Just has to play with him. Ergo - washes his hands A LOT!

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