Baby and Sammy

Hi Julie, Sammy & Baby are doing so well. We love them!!!! We can’t imagine life without the two of them. Our living room has been converted into a kitten playground! Our home is now theirs!!! Our 12 year old female cat has adjusted to having these two sibling part of our family. She continues to be a bit aloof, as was always part of her personality. All in all, our family is doing quite well!

They have almost doubled in size. They’re just beginning to lose baby teeth. They tolerate weekly nail trims (not their favorite pastime). We’re trying to “train” them to sharpen claws on scratching posts and other kitty friendly things, other than furniture. Fortunately, we’re employing the double sided sticky tape which is helping.

We cannot remember our lives without Sammy & Baby! They are a HUGE part of our family! Please feel free to use the photos (from November to now) attached for any promotion or social media of Forgotten Felines. One photo shows our 12 year old on the lower shelf of the cat tree.

Thanks for all you and Forgotten Felines, do!

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