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We are Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County

Adoption Program

At it's inception, Forgotten Felines was strictly a trap and alter organization. Very quickly, however, our trappers realized two things. One, that some of the cats living in these feral colonies were, in fact, tame and secondly, that if they could capture the kittens prior to three months of age they could be tamed down. Hence, our Foster/Adoption Program was born.

This is what our Foster/Adoption Program looks like today:

  1. We place a total of 300 cats/kittens per year.
  2. We have a dedicated FFSC Adoption room at the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter where our adoptions take place.
  3. We have one part time staff member and an FFSC Veterinarian dedicated to caring for our adoptable cats/kittens and managing our Volunteers.
  4. We hold foster care health clinics once a week to examine and treat foster cats/kittens in our adoption program, staffed by our Veterinarian and five extremely dedicated and devoted volunteers.
  5. We have a phenomenal crew of Foster Parents who take on feral kittens, sick and injured kittens, and adult cats waiting to enter our adoption ward.
  6. Volunteer Kennel Assistants, Cat Cuddlers and Adoption Counselors take care of the cats in our adoption ward 365 days a year.

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